Our 5-step protocol has been carefully designed and tested to provide exceptional results.


The body relies on water, and keeping the body hydrating helps maintain health and allows for healing. The first step for every patient visiting our office is to hydrate properly. Most people do not get enough water throughout the day to hydrate the body’s systems and organs. We utilize Himalayan crystal salt in our water as a way to provide minerals to the body. These minerals contain healing properties that prepare the body for healing. Your body cannot heal without proper hydration.

Muscle, Ligament, and Joint Preparation

These exercises prepare the spine to undergo chiropractic adjustment. Additionally, they alleviate muscle spasms, stress, and tension in the body and heal old injuries. This enjoyable process pumps water and nutrients into the spinal discs and actually reverses the aging process.

Chiropractic Adjustment

This step resets the brain and nervous system to your new posture and unlocks the spine to allow healing to occur. This will initiate energy to the body and increase overall health.

Spinal Molding

Patients will undergo structural rehabilitation, depending upon postures that require correction. We design every exercise to accomplish a specific goal based on your specific presentation, and we maximize your time at MOVMNT Chiropractic so that you experience results in an economical, time-efficient manner. Traction. Traditional traction stretches the shortened, injured muscles and ligaments to their new posture. The exercises create optimum angles for body performance and function.

Home Rehab

After completion of structural rehabilitation exercises, we teach you how to maximize benefits of chiropractic care through home rehabilitation exercises. When patients faithfully follow our protocol for home rehab exercises, they see results more quickly, and they experience lasting benefits.

Our home rehab exercises are designed to promote life-giving strength and flexibility in your spine and cement the chiropractic adjustments from your office visit. Completing these exercises supports the spine and helps correct posture for the long-term.

We teach and equip patients to live life to the fullest! Do you experience an optimal level of health on a daily basis? What are your future health goals? We want to help you get there.

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