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Experience the most advanced and corrective scoliosis treatment for children and adults.

Most scoliosis braces are not true custom 3D corrective braces. They often rely on 3 points of pressure to try and squeeze the spine straight, or come from a standard library of shapes, forced to fit the patient.

For growing children, adolescents and adults getting them the right brace design can make all the difference to their treatment results. ScoliBrace is a truly custom designed brace made with getting the best results in mind. By using the latest technology and 3 dimensional body scan along with specific x-rays and postural images and sending them to engineers, it is truly a one of a kind brace designed to fit ONLY YOU and your spine!!

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Custom Treatment Options


Custom designed, specialised over-corrective brace which in some cases can even improve curves as large as 60 degrees.


Custom designed, specialised kyphosis brace with demonstrated results in not only holding progression, but also reducing the kyphosis.


Custom designed, specialized brace, effective for early intervention for younger patients with small curves. Worn at night, this brace work while they sleep.

Some key benefits


ScoliBrace can be used for Adult Scoliosis originating from a pre-existing adolescent scoliosis, or for the development of scoliosis in adulthood (De Novo Scoliosis).

Custom Designed

Each ScoliBrace is custom designed for the individual based on body scans, x-rays and posture photos. It is then fitted for that patient, to ensure a tailored treatment approach.

Easy to Wear

ScoliBrace opens and closes at the front making it easy to wear and remove without assistance. Most ScoliBraces are low profile and nearly invisible under clothing.

Why choose ScoliBrace?

ScoliBrace can be used in the treatment of various scoliosis cases for children and adolescents. Results may include:

Reduce the curve

Reduce scoliosis curves in infantile, juvenile & adolescent idiopathic cases and also in some neuromuscular cases.

Reduce pain

RReduce pain and minimize discomfort.

Improve posture

Improve posture with more level shoulders, and more symmetrical body position.

Improve appearance

Improve body cosmetics including reduced rib humping.

Every scoliosis case is different and must be assessed and diagnosed by a trained health professional who is highly educated about scoliosis. Early intervention with smaller curves have shown to achieve the best patient outcomes and larger curves can benefit from bracing as part of a carefully co-managed treatment approach.

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