Pain & Degeneration

Eliminate Chronic Pain From the Source

Pain and Degeneration

Providing an advanced approach to addressing chronic back pain and neck pain.

If you have had any type of extreme back or neck pain whether it’s short term or long term it completely changes your life, your personality and affects all those around you. Radiating pain, disc herniations or bulges, degenerative joint disease, numbness/tingling, sciatica or any other back issues are the reason for approximately $50 Billion in health costs each year! If you experienced the debilitating pain causing you to crawl, unable to stand up, you will do anything to feel better! Or If you have ever suffered from headaches and migraines that make you lose time away from work or family, then you know what pain can do to your life.

Back pain is the 3rd most common cause of doctors visits each year and the number one reason people are on disability. Unfortunately most of the treatments or remedies only seek to cover the symptoms of the pain, are short term solutions and don’t address the spine as a whole.
Treatments usually start with over the counter medications or NSAID, then pain killers or muscle relaxers and then after that even more invasive therapies such as injections, epidurals and eventually surgery. Unfortunately, opioids can end up being abused and turn to addictions about 21% of the time. If that isn’t bad enough The American Society of Anesthesiologists estimates that 20 to 40% of back surgeries fail. Patients having repeated back surgeries have a much higher chance of failure. One study found only 30% of second back surgeries are successful.

Past Spinal Surgery?

“Dr. T. gave me my life back!!!” Elisa H., after breaking her back at work and 2 surgeries.

We know that people don’t want to resort to surgery but if you are left without answers or relief… Sometimes it feels like the only option.

HOPE IS NOT LOST…. We aim to get to the cause of the problem and find a solution to your pain but also the underlying structure of your spine so it can function properly and slow the aging process as well as reduce your pain and increase your mobility.

Dr. T can even help you after you have tried everything else…even most back surgeries. No matter what you have tried, we would love to see if we can help!

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