Hyper Kyphosis

K-Laser Pain Relief

Truly custom made 3D spinal braces for patients with kyphosis

Also called hunchback…a Kyphosis or Hyper Kyphosis is a forward rounding of the back. It usually refers to an abnormally curved spine from the front to the back. It used to be associated with older individuals but unfortunately due to our technological advances and the amount of people sitting and looking down on a regular basis, it is becoming extremely common.

People with kyphosis can have back pain with movement, fatigue, tenderness and stiffness, forward head posture, chest pain and difficulties breathing. They have a pronounced postural slump and overall poor posture. Some have no initial symptoms other than an exaggerated forward rounding of the back. Over time it will continue to cause more issues if left untreated. Severe kyphosis can be completely disfiguring.

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KyphoBrace treatment

Similar to the ScoliBrace the KyphoBrace addresses these curves in a similar fashion. Using the advanced 3D technology to create a personalized brace designed for your unique spine.

  • May reduce kyphosis curves
  • May reduce pain
  • May improve posture and cosmetics
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A new era of bracing is here.


KyphoBrace may not only hold progression, but may also reduce the kyphosis curve.

With the benefit of being low profile the brace is hardly visible under clothing.

Patient Friendly

KyphoBrace opens and closes at the front making it easy to wear and remove without assistance.

There is a variety of colors and patterns available for patients to personalise the look of their brace.


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